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Family vacation

Family vacation in Krkonose

Our hotel and its surroundings are an ideal place for a family vacation. In addition, the hotel provides parents and their small children with various services to help them spend their free time in a healthy environment. All the rooms in our hotel are non-smoking area. For families with very young children, cot renting (crib renting) is also available.

We can lend you a little bathtub for kids or a chamber pot (both are free of charge). In a restaurant, there are chairs for kids´ chairs and cushions.

If your child is very young and you have already prepared a special meal, our staff will boilt it willingly in a microwave. 

Climbing Castle and Sand for kids in front of the hotel







For children's amusement, there is a child play area with TV set right in the hotel, fairy- tales are being screened, wooden train, board with chalks and lots of other toys. A table soccer or a gambling maschine (not for money) with cars or with a skier for ahave been installed for older children. There are always lots of various board games at hand. If you possibly forget pencils (crayons) at home, you can buy them at reception incl. colouring pictures.








Hiking with children







In the summer you can rent sticks for nordic walking and in the winter you can hire ski equipment. A ski slope is right across the road, where you can find a small ski lift. You can go sledging or skiing here , you can enjoy making a snowman or you can just fool around.

Ski equipment can be stored in our „lyžárna“ = room for ski and sport equipment.

If you haven´t get acquainted with hereby nature and lurking destinations for hiking, of course, we are willing to give you a hand while arranging appropriate route or to make a choice on sport centers or leisure centers or other places of interest. Some trails are also appropriate for trips in case a Mom is pushing a baby carriage. A complete list of all the trails is given in section „hiking trails“.

Our mini ZOO 

Skiing near the hotel Erlebachova bouda

Ski lift Malý Šišák is situated 1150 metres above the sea level close to hotel Erlebachova bouda. The lenght of ski lift is 250 metres and superelevation between bottom and top station is 50 metres. Skiing slope is daily prepaired with a snowmobile. Whole slope is lightened, night skiing operates twice a week . Next to a pole lift is 80 metres long rope lift for small children operated by Ski and Snowboard school Yellow Point. Whole area is suitable for families with children as well as for beginners and slightly intermediate skiers and snowboarders.

Children's corner, Children's playground and Relax ZOOne with tee-pee tents

Facilities for families