History of Josefova bouda

The history of Josefova bouda is relatively young. It dates back to 1927, when the baker from Sedmidolí, Mr. Ernst Adolf, applied for permission to build a residential house and bakery in Špindlerův Mlýn on the site of today's Josefova bouda.


The house was built in 1929 and since then they have been doing business here until the tragic expulsion of the German population in 1945.


During the time of totality, the foreign trade company TECHNOEXPORT owned the chalet and, according to the 1967 project, it was reconstructed very sensitively.

Our family bought Josefova bouda before the winter in 1997. We started doing business here with our parents. Especially thanks to parents and today's grandparents and great-grandparents Pepa and Danuška Jech, the chalet gradually gained an excellent reputation for hospitality and good cuisine.


In autumn 2009 the chalet went through a complete reconstruction.

Today it is a very nice and pleasant little hotel with a traditional restaurant.


Reconstruction of Josefova bouda in 2009

In autumn 2009 the chalet went through a complete reconstruction in accordance with the project of architect M. Jirouš. It was stressful, but it is a pleasure now!


We really did not expected what was standing in front of us. In the middle of October 2009, 70 centimeters of snow occurred. The conditions were challenging. Not always is everything according to the plan and it is important not to go crazy about it and to look for positives everywhere, even though in the given moment it may seem impossible.



The bunch of craftsmen was great, thank you guys! Finally, although not within the original deadlines, everything was completed and in our opinion it turned out great. Hopefully you will also enjoy your stay with us in Josefova bouda: o)

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Adresa hotelu


Špindlerův Mlýn 109

543 51 Česká republika

Telefon / E-mail

Telefon: +420 499 523 329
+420 731 598 895
E-mail: betlem@spmlyn.cz

Fakturační údaje

IČ: 27462188

DIČ: CZ27462188


50°45'32.267"N, 15°38'2

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