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History of Erlebachova bouda is engagingly captured in a book “Story of Erlebachova bouda” from Miloslav Bartoš.

The history of Erlebachova bouda goes back to 1784, when Ignaz Hollmann built the first summer cottage. 100 years later, in 1885, Franz Erlebach bought it and gave it his own name.








Franz Erlebach became famous not only as a mountain guid, but also as a photographer. His successful apprentice was his grandson Reinhart Erben, son of Caroline (Erlebachová) and Philip Erben. He can be attributed to the authorship of a large set of glass negatives, which are now stored in the Giant\mountains Museum in Vrchlabi.

Reinhart, the only child of Philip and Caroline died in the First World War in 1915.

In 1922 the widow Karolina Erbenova (Erlebachová) adopted Franz Kukačka, who came to the mountains to serve as finance.

Kukačka managed privately on the cottage and took care of guests untill 1961.

Then he worked at Erlebachova bouda as a manager for the national enterprise Centrotex untill 1968.

Centrotex left the old cottage to decay for many years and in 1985 constructed a new building.

At the end of 1998 we bought the chalet. At that time we already did business in a neighboring chalet Josefova bouda and from spring 1999 we started a business in Erlebachova. And here begins a completely new history of the place. With a team of permanent stuff we try to create a place of peace, joy and meetings.

In 2007, we had to build a chapel of St. Francis of Assisi. In the autumn of 2009 began a gradual rebuilding of Erlebachova bouda. . The first phase was completed in December 2010.

The second phase was completed in 2013


The third phase - 2016 (planned)